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What I do

Working with C-suite leaders at FTSE-100, small- and medium-sized companies that are growing or changing. I have broad sector experience across client, financial and business services. I work in other industries too, ranging from health, power, retail to technology, and sometimes work with leaders and boards of non-profit organisations. My skills at delivering customer service excellence and operational excellence universally applicable.

Operational Excellence

In an ever-changing landscape, organisational excellence is no longer a "nice-to-have," but a "must-have." I have experience in supporting organisational transformation, improvement and change. Working on everything from management consultancy to digital delivery with a knack for organisational efficiency and improvement.

Customer Experience

A globally oriented delivery strategist focused on consumer-driven experiences that yield real business results. I leverage use of data to find the equilibrium between what your organisational needs are and what your consumers care about. Striving for a meaningful mutually beneficial and positive relationship.


I am a strategically-minded digital thinker with a passion for innovation, customer centricity, and data-informed, connected experiences. I am fascinated by consumer behaviour, and discovering how focused organisational strategy can affect change on positive delivery.

Customer Service

Plan, direct and lead the Customer Service Design team providing strategic direction and guidance to deliver the business objectives. Delivering consistent, multi-channel customer solutions. Working collaboratively with multiple teams across the businesses, to design and develop solutions which deliver the people, customer and commercial outcomes.


Lead the development of the digital business strategy and transformation agenda Key areas of focus; business model transformation (provider to platform, pipeline to eco-system), operational efficiency (AI and automation), re-imagining the customer experience and new ways of working (agile and digital business leadership).


A customer-centric, digital leader focus in growth hacking through marketing technology, digital channel strategy, and commercial initiatives, to disrupt and deliver rapid online sales growth. Driven with experience and multi-expertise across sales, marketing, operational, IT and change disciplines with the ability to focus on strategic value maximising initiatives that drive competitor/market advantage.